Perfect Prague Weekend Itinerary

Day 1: Old Town - Essential Prague Sights

8 AM - See Charles Bridge Early in the morning

We recommend heading to Charles Bridge as early as possible. It's not only incredibly beautiful in the early morning, and perfect for photos, but it gets extremely busy during the day.

9 AM - Breakfast Time

While not every café in Prague serves breakfast, those that do usually open at 9 am. The average price for breakfast is around 250 czk, which includes a plate of eggs and bread, and a cup of coffee. The portions are usually generous, but the coffee servings are small.

10 AM - Exploring the Old Town

On the first day, your main focus should be on the Old Town, which is the most popular historical area. To beat the crowds, aim to explore it in the first half of the day as it tends to get really crowded by 11 am. The main sights to see here are the Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, and Tyn Church. Try to visit them before 10 am. Afterward, you can continue exploring, perhaps seeing Charles University, Powder Gate, and Havel's Market, where you can find refreshments and souvenirs.

In addition to the popular sights, the Old Town has many cool and interesting places. We have created a video highlighting 30 of them.

12:30 PM - Lunchtime

Now it's time to try Czech food! Two of the most popular traditional dishes are svickova and gulas, which are served in almost every Czech cuisine restaurant. For more recommendations, check out our video.

Just a reminder, don't solely rely on recommendations from others, always check the reviews yourself. Sometimes, a staff member may treat a blogger who recommended their restaurant nicely, especially if they have a lot of followers, but they may treat regular tourists differently.

2 PM - Jewish Quarter

Another area in the Old Town worth exploring is the Jewish Quarter. Look for the statue of Franz Kafka and the Old New Synagogue. If you're interested in history, visit the Jewish Museum, but keep in mind that it closes for Shabbat every Saturday. Exploring everything with a ticket will take about 3-4 hours, so you might be done with sightseeing on your first day.

If you don't plan to spend your afternoon visiting the Jewish Museum, or if the weather is too cold or rainy, you can check out other museums and galleries mentioned in one of our latest videos and spend the second half of the day indoors. If you choose to visit a museum, we recommend the National Museum, which provides historical context and insights into Czech culture.

4 PM - Prague Islands

If the weather is too nice to be indoors all afternoon, explore Prague's islands, such as Strelecky Island and Zofin Island, where you can rent a paddle boat. Prague's islands are also perfect for a picnic or grab a drink.

6 PM - Dinner in the New Town

For dinner, we recommend looking for restaurants in the New Town area. The prices are slightly cheaper than in the Old Town, and you'll have a wider variety of options, including Czech food, Italian cuisine, Korean, Thai, and more.

8 PM - Drinks by the River Bank

Relax and enjoy a drink at Capadlo or Naplavka. These places are particularly lively in the summer, with many bars on boats open for business. Remember to bring cash as not many places accept cards. The boat bars typically close at 10 pm, but if you want to continue the night at bars and clubs, there are plenty of cool options in the New Town and at Dlouha Street.

Day 2: Prague Castle and Mala Strana

10 AM - Petrin Hill

Start your exploration at Ujezd, where you can take a funicular up to Petrin Hill. Remember to have a validated ticket for public transit. Get off at the last stop of the funicular and visit the Petrin Tower for a panoramic view of Prague's city center.

11 AM - Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery is one of the oldest in Prague. Here, you can try the famous St. Norbert beer, see the beautiful Strahov Library, and enjoy the view of Lesser Town.

12 PM - Exploring Hradcany District

Before reaching Prague Castle, don't miss the charming little quarter. Visit Loreta Square, see Cernin Palace, and explore quaint Novy Svet.

1 PM - Lunch around Hradcany Square

We recommend having lunch before entering the Prague Castle complex, as there won't be many options once you're inside. There are a couple of nice restaurants around Hradcany Square or along Nerudova Street. Remember to make a reservation as these restaurants are often fully booked on weekends.

2 PM - Prague Castle Complex

You have two options for exploring Prague Castle: a paid ticket or a free visit. You can find more information about what the Prague Castle ticket covers in this article. If you purchase a ticket, it will take approximately 3 hours to go through the complex. A free visit to the castle includes a small part of St. Vitus Cathedral, the courtyards, and the gardens of the castle (some may be closed in winter).

4 PM - Mala Strana

This quarter offers enough cool sights to fill your whole day. Must-sees include Waldstein Gardens (visit from April to October), St. Nicholas Church (entrance fee applies), John Lennon Wall, and Kampa Island, which is perfect for enjoying an evening drink.

6 PM - Dinner and Drinks with a View

As an alternative to having dinner in the Lesser Town, where prices at restaurants are higher, we suggest heading to Holesovice or Vinohrady. These neighborhoods are easily reachable by tram or a short metro ride from the Malostranska stop. There, you can enjoy a more affordable and higher-quality meal, and later visit Letna Beer Garden or Riegrovy Sady for a drink.

Day 3: Vysehrad and Other Unique Sights

10 AM - Vysehrad Fortress

After all the walking and sightseeing, we recommend a visit to Vysehrad Fortress. It's a quieter green area with gorgeous views of Prague's city center and the riverside. You can even have breakfast there at Bistro Cafe.

12 PM - Lunch below Vysehrad

The area around Vysehrad offers many nice and affordable restaurants, so you can't go wrong with choosing one. However, we can recommend U Kroka.

1 PM - Visit One of Prague's Neighborhoods

You can easily visit the New Town of Prague, located just below Vysehrad. The main sights in this area include the Dancing House, the Rotating Head of Franz Kafka, Emauz Monastery, Wenceslas Square, the memorial to victims of Heydrich's terror, and many more. If you're looking for a more residential and laid-back neighborhood, visit Vinohrady, which has many parks, cafes, and restaurants. If you prefer something slightly edgier and bohemian, Zizkov is your best choice. For street art and art lovers, head to Holesovice. We have created videos about all of these places if you want to delve deeper.

4 PM - Souvenirs and Shopping

Check out our video about souvenirs here! When it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories, we can recommend Palladium shopping mall, Na Prikope Street, and if you have more time, Chodov Mall.

7 PM - Concert

Unlike Vienna, Paris, or London, Prague offers lower prices for concert tickets. We recommend attending concerts at the Estates Theatre, National TheatreMunicipal House, and National Opera. It's advisable to book your tickets in advance to secure your spot.

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Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.

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