Old-New Synagogue - History and Tickets

A Brief History of the Old-New Synagogue, Prague

When visiting the Jewish quarter in Prague, you will be received by the awe-inspiring Old-New Synagogue which is one of the oldest Early Gothic buildings in Prague from the year 1270. What is even more amazing is that is considered to be the oldest Synagogue in Europe still active. And here you are looking at this jewel of building and something catches your attention. A ladder on the façade that looks like it has been destroyed so no one can climb and reach a door marked with the Star of David. The door to the Old-New Synagogue attic is locked and inside rests in peace the famous Golem of Prague. 

The name Old-New according to another legend derives from its original Yiddish name Al Tenaj which means “On Condition.” A stone had been brought from the fallen Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and used in combination with other materials to build the synagogue. On condition, it says, that when the Messiah comes back the stone will be taken back to its original place. That is why it was called Al Tenaj. This Yiddish word sounds very similar to the german Altneu which means old-new. It is not clear why from Al Tenaj it ended up being Altneu. It is believed that probably it was a language mistake. 

Prague Old-New Synagogue - Tickets

The Regular Admission ticket costs 550 CZK if the Old-New Synagogue is INCLUDED. And 400 CZK if the Old-New Synagogue is EXCLUDED

The Reduced Admission ticket costs 400 CZK (children ages 6-15 and students under 26) if the Old-New Synagogue is INCLUDED. And 300 CZK if the Old-New Synagogue is Excluded.

** An entry ticket without the Old-New Synagogue includes: Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Spanish Synagogue + Robert Guttmann Gallery.

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Author: Nicolas Cortes, Prague guide certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Nicolas has worked in tourism for over 6 years and has guided thousands of Prague visitors.

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