What is a Free Tour?

A Free Tour is a group walking tour that doesn't require a fixed admission fee. As a customer, you're free to decide how much you want to pay the guide. However, it's important to note that our guides don't receive a salary; their earnings come from what they receive after the tour. Therefore, please don't consider the money you give them as a "little extra." It's their livelihood.

Do I need a reservation for a free tour?

Yes, we only accept people with active reservations. Customers without reservations or those with reservations for a different day or time slot will be asked to wait until the tour starts and will only be accommodated if space is available.

Can a guide wait for me if I am late?

Unfortunately, the guide cannot keep the entire group waiting. If you're more than 5 minutes late, please consider canceling your reservation or rescheduling for a different time slot.

Can I call the guide and ask them to share their location in case of my late arrival?

Guides do not answer phone calls or messages during the tour, as it can compromise the tour's quality. If you're running more than 5 minutes late, please consider joining another time.

How much should I pay on a free walking tour?

The concept of the free tour implies that only you can decide how much you want to pay the guide based on their performance. We don't want to suggest any approximate price; that's completely up to you! If you're unsure about rates and the average payment in Prague, we suggest looking at prices for lunches or concert tickets.

How can I pay my guide?

Cash is the easiest payment method for all guides. They accept Czech crowns, American Dollars, and Euros (except euro coins, which we can't exchange in the Czech Republic). Most guides also accept cards and online payments.

How big will the group be on my free walking tour?

We limit our groups to a maximum of 30 adults per tour guide. Sometimes the group might be slightly larger if people join without the guide's permission, but we make efforts to monitor and control this.

Why can't I book the tour for a group of more than 8 people?

We don't accept such large groups on our free tour under the same conditions. This is because larger groups have a higher chance of not showing up for the tour, based on our experience. If your group has 8-14 people, a prepayment of 9 euros per person and a deposit are required to confirm your commitment. Groups who make separate reservations in order to avoid contacting us will be declined on the spot.

How do I make a booking if we are a group?

Please contact us at +420776488217, and we will inform you if it's possible for your group to join.

What constitutes a "group"?

We define a "group" as individuals such as friends, families, colleagues, students, acquaintances, and church members who are traveling collectively. By "traveling collectively," we mean engaging in shared activities within the same city, not necessarily taking the same flight or staying at the same hotel.

Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

Some of our tours may require a level of mobility that could be difficult for individuals with walking disabilities. Unfortunately, the Prague Castle Tour and Ghosts and legends Tour might pose an issue as they are not fully accessible. Old Town and WWII free tours are accessible for the most part. However, we have to cover quite a long distance with minimum breaks on these tours and keep a faster pace to make it on time, so please keep that in mind if you decide to join. Please watch our YouTube video where we provide a detailed explanation of Prague's accessibility.

Can I bring a stroller on the walking tour?

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that it might be challenging to keep up with the guide's pace if your stroller can't maneuver on cobblestones.

Can I bring my dog on a free walking tour?

You're welcome to bring your dog on the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, and Charles Bridge tour, as long as your pet is comfortable. However, for our Free WWII and Communism Tour, please note that one museum visit is included where dogs aren't allowed. We do not recommend bringing your dog on the Prague Castle tours as you won't have access to gardens and other sights.

Will we enter the castle on the Prague Castle Free Tour?

Absolutely! The Prague Castle complex is open to the public, so no ticket is required for entry. However, specific exhibitions and sights within the castle may require tickets (e.g., St. George's Basilica, Old Royal Palace), which are not covered in our Prague Castle Free Tour. We do enter St. Vitus Cathedral during its opening hours to explore a free portion (2 front chapels). Additionally, we visit the Golden Lane during our 3 pm free castle tour when the exhibitions close, and only souvenir stores are open.

What distinguishes the Free Prague Castle Tour from the Prague Castle tour with Tickets to Interiors included?

The Prague Castle Free Tour encompasses the freely accessible areas of the castle complex, including courtyards, gardens (only in summer), and free sections of castle sights (2 chapels of St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane in the afternoon). This tour serves as an introduction to the castle's history, with about 90% of the tour conducted outdoors.

The Prague Castle tour with Tickets to Interiors included focuses on four specific sights: St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, and Golden Lane. During this tour, you'll delve into particular historical events, view relics and exhibitions, and spend most of your time indoors.

Do you visit the Jewish Museum of Prague (Synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery) on your tours?

We only cover the exterior of the Old New Synagogue and the Cemetery on our Old Town tour, and some WWII sights on the WWII and Communism tour. Unfortunately, we cannot visit the interiors of the Synagogues as it requries an admission fee. If you'd like to get a detailed tour of the Jewish Quarter, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the tour via the Jewish Museum here.

Can you provide restaurant and activity recommendations?

We offer recommendation lists after the tour, though we can't provide them in advance. Additionally, we have articles and YouTube videos covering various topics that might pique your interest.

Can you assist with booking concert tickets, transportation, or restaurant reservations?

Regrettably, we do not offer such services.

Do you create customized travel itineraries?

At the moment, we do not offer travel itinerary customization services.