Prague Castle Tickets

Do you want to see Prague Castle but are confused about which Prague Castle ticket to buy? Don't worry! We are here to help you! Here is our guide to Prague Castle, how to visit, what does skip the line ticket mean, and which Prague Castle ticket will take you where.


The Basics

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world according to The Guinness Book of records. There are many ways of how to see the complex, you can be there for 1 hour or for 2 days if you would like.


Do you need tickets for Prague Castle?

You don't need a ticket to Prague Castle if you only want to visit the castle grounds. You need the Prague Castle Ticket if you want to visit the Castle interiors.


Which Prague Castle ticket to get?

There are two main circuit tickets to consider, Circuit A and Circuit B. Here we explain the difference.


Prague Castle For FREE

Yes, you've read it right. You can see Prague Castle for free. Not everything though, of course! To make it simple, all of the outside parts of the castle are for free. To be more detailed, 4 courtyards of Prague Castle and 4 gardens and the vineyard of St. Wenceslas are for free to access. If you are not a history fan and care more about the visuals and great photos, to visit Prague Castle for free might be just enough.

  • Opening hours to visit for free are 6 am - 10 pm.
  • It takes around 1 to 3 hours to see Prague Castle for free.


Prague Castle with the B Ticket

This is the ticket you should go for if you want to get the most out of your visit, see the best sights, and the most important interiors of the castle. With the B Ticket, you will see the interiors of:

It gives you access to the Tomb of St. Wenceslas, the place of the Third Prague Defenestration (some sources prefer to call it the Second), Alchemy Chambers, House of Franz Kafka, and more.

The interiors have a few written info boards that explain the basics. If you want to go a little bit more into details, you can get the audioguide, or get a guide directly at the castle (cheapest option but not always available, since its "wait and see if more people book" type of tour), or book a Prague Castle Tour which includes a ticket.

  • Opening hours of Prague Castle Interiors: Summer 9 am - 5 pm, Winter 9 am - 4 pm.
  • It takes around 3 - 6 hours to see Prague Castle with the B Ticket.


Prague Castle with the A Ticket

Are you a university professor, or a history buff? Go for the A Ticket then! This ticket includes all of the previously mentioned parts of the castle and, on top of that, three other exhibitions: The Story of Prague Castle, Prague Castle Guards exhibition, and the Rosenberg Palace. Expect archeological excavations exhibits, detailed videos, and tons of information to read (or hear, in case you get the audioguide).

  • Opening hours: Summer 9 am - 5 pm, Winter 9 am - 4 pm
  • It takes anywhere between 4 hours to 2 days to see Prague Castle with the A ticket.
  • The ticket can be used throughout multiple days (usually two).

Other tickets

Yes, there is more...

  • The Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral: It costs 150 CZK, and you can climb the tower for a great view. There is no elevator. You've been warned!
  • The Treasury of St. Vitus: it is located in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Expect relics and shiny objects.
  • Prague Castle Picture Gallery: Paintings from Rubens, Rembrandt, and other famous painters.
  • The Horse Riding School: A gallery with temporary exhibitions.


Skip the line ticket?

The only person who can purchase a skip the line ticket is a guide with a valid guiding license. It won't save you from all the lines, but it will save you from the worst one, which is the line to purchase the tickets.

  • You can only get a skip-the-line ticket on a guided tour. it costs a little bit more but it saves a great deal of time.
  • Some companies sell skip-the-line tickets for less than 20 euro. it means they go to Prague Castle ahead of you, wait in the line instead of you, and then sell you the ticket, possibly providing a quick intro before letting you explore the castle on your own. 
  • There is no skip-the-line for security check! Young and old, we all have to go through it together :)

Our Local Guide Tip

  • Prague Castle gets the most crowded around noon. The reason for that is the main change of guards that takes place at 12 pm at the Giant's Gate. If you want to visit the interiors with the least amount of people, we suggest visiting at 1 pm. Get the tickets in the morning, see the change of the guards at 12 pm and then visit the interiors.

Where can I buy tickets for Prague Castle?

  • You can buy the tickets physically in Prague Castle. There are multiple ticket offices, just choose the one with a shorter line. Don't go to the one you see first (For example the Golden Lane ticket office, has nobody ever standing there)
  • Here is the official website of Prague Castle tickets. Prague Castle does not sell tickets online yet. If you find tickets online, it is other companies who are reselling it.

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Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.