Top 30 Things to do in Prague

Top 30 things every first-timer must do in Prague!

1. See Charles Bridge early in the morning

Early morning is the best time to see Charles Bridge and take photos because, by 8-9 am, it's already getting busy, and by noon the bridge is so crowded you can barely cross it. So get up as early as you can and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the oldest bridge in Prague.

2. See the Astronomical Clock show 

The show runs every hour sharp from 9 am till 11 pm. If you want to beat the crowds, try to make it here for the first show of the day at 9 am. We have made a short guide on how to read this complicated clock; you can check it out here.

3. Enjoy the architecture of the Old Town Square 

Yes, this square is very touristy, and most blogs will tell you to avoid this place like the plague. But if you get here early in the morning, you will be able to enjoy almost every architectural style that existed here before the 21st century without people blocking your view.

4. Go see a show in the Estates Theatre

We recommend going for an opera or a play here because you will be sitting in the exact same room where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart conducted his operas. Mind-blowing!

5. Join Prague Free Walking Tours by 100 Spires City Tours

Get a perfect introduction to Prague's history and see Prague's top sights on Prague Free Walking Tours by 100 Spires City Tours. The free walking tour is a fun and educational way to explore Prague and runs on pay-what-you-wish bases. See the selection of Prague Free Walking Tours here.

6. Try to spot one of the statues by David Cerny 

David Cerny's art is controversial at times but always curious and surprising. Keep your head up for the statue of Sigmund Freud or go to Kampa Island to find famous sculptures of giant babies.

7. Explore Prague's Jewish Quarter aka Josefov 

We are very lucky to have one of the most well-preserved Jewish Quarters in the world here, where you can visit historical synagogues and the Old Jewish cemetery. Remember, you will need a ticket to enter the sights.

8. Come by to say "hello" to Franz Kafka 

The statue of this famous Prague-born writer is located right next to the Spanish Synagogue. You will see the author of Metamorphosis sitting on the shoulders of an empty suit. What is the symbolism of that? I guess you will have to read his Description of a Struggle, to find out.

9. Relax in a Prague cafe

Both now and in the past, Praguers spend a lot of time in cafes, which are an integral part of local life. We have made a video about the most beautiful cafes in Prague on our Real Prague Guides YouTube channel.

10. Taste delicious traditional Czech pastries 

And who doesn't love a good pastry to go with your coffee or tea? We have shown you the tastiest ones in our video, but if we could recommend just one, it would be Kolace.

11. Explore Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the biggest still-functioning ancient castle in the world. It's also a symbol of Czech power, so one might argue that it's the most important landmark in Prague. There is no admission, which is why we can bring you there on our Prague Castle Free Tour.

12. Marvel at the stunning St. Vitus Cathedral 

This cathedral is beautiful inside and out, but if you want to see all its chapels, you have to get an entrance ticket. You can learn about the tickets in this article. The 2 front chapels are free to enter, though!

13. Wander around the Lesser Town aka Mala Strana

Lesser Town is one of the cutest and most picturesque parts of Prague. It's often treated just as a transition point between the castle and the bridge by tourists, but you can spend the whole afternoon exploring its narrow streets and beautiful gardens.

14. Admire the interiors of St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town

This church is one of the biggest baroque churches in Prague with stunning interiors. It also has one of the largest ceilings frescoes in Central Europe and a pipe organ W.A. Mozart played. You do need a ticket to visit this church!

15. See the John Lennon Wall

This wall, named after the legendary Beatles singer John Lennon, is one of the most important monuments of Freedom of Speech and the fight against Communism in Prague. The wall never looks the same because anyone who wishes can leave writings on it.

16. Take a break in Kampa Park

Kampa Park is a little oasis where you can take a break from the touristy sights, grab a snack and a coffee, or even visit an art gallery. This is also where you can see David Cerny's statues of crawling babies.

17. Check out one of Prague's many Art Galleries

You've got brutal and beautiful Gothic art in St. Agnes Convent, baroque paintings in Schwarzenberg Palace, 19th and 20th-century art in Veletrzni Palace, and many modern art centers such as DOX and Meet Factory. So, going to an art exhibition is a must!

18. Visit the National Museum

This one has several buildings, but we recommend starting with the historical building on Wenceslas Square if you want to learn more about Czech history and culture. You can also visit the museum's cupola for a view of the downtown with the same ticket.

19. Say hi to St. Wenceslas 

You might know him as Good King Wenceslas from a famous Christmas carol, but for Czechs, he is the patron saint of their motherland. His statue is located right in front of the National Museum.

20. Climb one of Prague's many towers

Prague nicknamed the city of 100 spires, has lots of options when it comes to tower viewpoints: Charles Bridge Towers, Powder Tower, Astronomical Clock Tower, Petrin Tower, etc.

21. Explore Strahov Monastery

This medieval monastery is also famous thanks to its beautiful library. You can get a ticket to the library halls, just bear in mind you can't walk around the library halls; you'll just see them outside the door.

22. See the sunset from Letna Park

You might know this park because of its famous Metronome, but locals know it because of the Letna Beer Garden and its amazing views.

23. Have lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant

You can't say you have tried Czech food if you haven't tasted svickova or gulas on your trip to Prague! we have made a video about 6 Dishes you should try when visiting Prague.

24. Drink Czech Beer 

Czechs are the biggest beer-drinking nation in the world, so they know how to brew beer here. Czech beer is pretty light on alcohol, so you'll see a lot of people drinking it at lunch. It might be one of the few places on the planet where day drinking is so normal.

25. Walk around Vysehrad Fortress 

Vysehrad is a former castle and fortress that has some of the most amazing views in the city. You can also visit St. Peter and Paul Basilica and Vysehrad Cemetery.

26. Take a tram ride 

A red tram is an iconic symbol of Prague. There are many types, and you can sometimes catch an older model from the 1970s. The basic 30 min ticket is just over 1 euro. Do not forget to validate it!

27. Dance in front of the Dancing House

Dancing House is of the most famous modern buildings in Prague, inspired by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

28. Take a walk at Naplavka 

Naplavka is a riverbank area with lots of cafes and boat bars where locals love to go for a drink. It can get really busy in the afternoon, but at 10 pm all bars have to close. You can also visit a farmers market that takes place here almost every Saturday from February till December.

29. Take a boat ride on the Vltava River 

See Prague's iconic sights from the water during your boat ride. There are many cruises to choose from, but you can also just take a ferry boat from Naplavka to the opposite side of the river. it is super cheap and quite fun!

30. Spend a day at Prague Zoo

We can recommend doing that if you have a whole free day because the Prague Zoo is huge, and you will need a lot of time to explore it. 

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