Prague Walking Tours - Old Town, Prague Castle, WW2 Tour

Explore Prague's best sights on one of our walking tours! Our Prague Free Tour covers the highlights of Old Town and the Jewish Quarter and explains the history of the Czech capital since its foundation to the time of the Velvet Revolution and Rock'n'Roll. Our Free Prague WW2 Tour tells the story of the Anthropoid Operation, the Holocaust, and the Prague Uprising. And our Prague Castle tour takes you to the interiors of the most important buildings of the castle complex. We are Prague Licensed Guides and are looking forward to seeing you on one of our Prague Tours!

Prague Castle Tour with Tickets

On our tour of Prague Castle, you will explore the interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, and the Golden Lane. You will see where the Bohemian Kings are buried, where the coronation jewels are stored, and which window did Czech rebels throw the Habsburg administrators out of during the famous Prague Defenestration.

Why join our Prague Castle Tour?

Over the years of guiding we have been carefully listening to our customer's feedback in order to design this tour so Prague travelers get the most out of their Prague Castle visit. We love Prague Castle! it is one of our most favorite places on this planet and we think that being a part of a tour group of 30 people being rushed through the complex without a chance to peek inside of the buildings is not the way to see it.

Here are the top reasons why to join us:
  1. Our tour groups don't exceed the number of 10 people. That way we can easily fit inside of the rooms of the Old Royal Palace, you won't feel like a sardine and it will be easier for you to ask your guide questions.
  2. Our tours are monolingual. In English only. Most of the tours to the interiors of Prague Castle are in two languages, that way your time with the guide is reduced by half, nevertheless, the tour ends up being about the same price as ours.
  3. Skip the line ticket! Yes! As Prague Licensed Guides we have a priority in the ticket office and don't have to waste time standing in the line (be aware though that sometimes there is a line to the St. Vitus Cathedral, which we can not skip).
  4. We are funny! Or at least we think we are :P
  5. A good rating on Tripadvisor. See for yourself!

Main Sights: ► St. Vitus Cathedral ► Old Royal palace ► St. George's basilica ► Golden lane ► Presidential Palace ► The Coronation Jewels ► The Tomb of St. Wenceslas ► The Chapel of Holy Cross ► Alchemist Laboratory ► Powder Bridge ► Prague Castle Guards ► The Defenestration Room


Price: 920 CZK / 37 EUR* | Tour Length: 3 HOURS | Starting Time: 1:15 PM | Walking Distance: 1,5 KM/ 0,9 MILES
Tour runs: EVERY DAY
Meeting point: Malostranská Metro station - Klárov 51, Praha
*For students with a valid student card, children 6 - 16 years old, and seniors older than 65 years the price is 790 CZK. Children below 6 y.o. go for free.

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Old Town, Jewish Quarter and Charles Bridge FREE TOUR

Prague's no.1 free tour on Tripadvisor!

Explore Prague's historic city center on three different free tours. We are a team of fun Praguers and certified local experts who can't wait to show you around on our free tours!

(Check our schedule in the reservation system. We'll send you all the important information about how to find our meeting point in the confirmation e-mail)


A tour where you are in charge of deciding your own price. At the end of the tour and only after you have experienced the quality you can choose a value of your own liking.


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Free Prague Castle Tour incl. Change of Guards w/ Music


On this Free Prague Castle Tour, you will explore the area of Prague Castle and the Castle District. The tour runs every day at 11 AM.

We start the tour directly below Prague Castle and take a tram to the Castle District from where it's few minutes walk to Prague Castle - downhill 🙃. We think that is the most comfortable way to see Prague Castle.

  • You will see the main change of Prague Castle Guards accompanied by the Band of Castle Guards at 12 PM. This change happens only once a day. We plan our tour so you can see it.
  • You will enter the FREE part of the St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • You will visit all of the courtyards of Prague Castle and will see all of the historically important buildings which are in the free area of Prague Castle.
  • After the tour is over you will still have enough time to explore the interiors of Prague Castle...if you would like to. Free Castle tours do not include the interiors, since you need a ticket to enter places like Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, and Golden Lane. The interiors close at 4 PM in winter and 5 PM in summer.

Things to know before visiting Prague Castle

  • There are metal detectors positioned at every entrance to Prague Castle. Do not bring any weapons (knives, pepper sprays, etc.), there is no place to store these at Prague Castle.
  • You will need a public transport ticket for 30 CZK (1,2 EUR). You can purchase the ticket at the beginning of the tour.
  • In winter, it gets pretty windy in the castle. Multiple layers of clothes are the way to go. Wear comfortable shoes.


Tour Length: 2 HOURS 15 MINUTES | Starting Time: 11 AM | Walking Distance: 1,5 KM/ 0,9 MILES
Tour runs: EVERY DAY
Meeting point: Malostranská Metro station - Klárov 51, Praha

Free Prague WW2 & Communism Tour

Our Free WW2 & Communism Tour runs at:

  • Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10 AM.
  • Wed and Saturday at 2 PM (check our availability in the booking calendar)

On this Free Prague WW2 & Communism Tour, we explore Prague's darkest period of history, but we will also tell stories of courage and hope.

You will learn why was Prague not destroyed during the Second World War, you will hear about the Prague Uprising and how significant it was for post-war development. You will see the balcony from which the victory of the communist party was announced in 1948 and the square where Jan Palach set himself on fire after the invasion of the Warsaw pact army in 1968. Next, we will show you where Valentine's Day bombing took place and walk from the Dancing House to the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, where brave Czech paratroopers were fighting with Nazi soldiers to their death, during the Anthropoid Operation, today it is a WW2 museum.

What will you learn?

  • How was Czechoslovakia founded and why did Hitler consider it to be originally a German territory?
  • What was the Munich agreement and how did the Second World War really start for Czechoslovakia?
  • Did the Czechs fight? What was the form of resistance?
  • Who was the Butcher of Prague and how was he killed?
  • When did the Prague Uprising take place and what role did it play at the end of the war?
  • What was the fate of Jewish people during the Nazi occupation?
  • Who were the best Czech fighters?
  • How did communism start in Czechoslovakia?
  • Why did Jan Palach set himself on fire?
  • Why was Czechoslovakia invaded in 1968?
  • Why do we call the end of communism the Velvet Revolution?

Where do we meet?

  • At Klarov, in front of the Malostranska metro exit. We will send you the picture of our meeting point and more information about how to find us in the confirmation email.

When does the tour start?

  • The tour starts at 10 am & 2 PM and runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

WW2 SITES WE COVER  ► Wenceslas Square ► Narodni Street ► Neogothic Wing of Old Town Hall ► Maisel Synagogue  ► Pinkas Synagogue ► Stumbling Stones ► Winged Lion Memorial ► Memorial to Second Resistance Movement ► Dancing House ► Hlavka College ► National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror ► and more...



A tour of Prague, where you are FREE to decide on the value of your own choice at the end of the tour. You can tip your guide in any major currency, or pay by card, we carry portable terminals.


Tour Length: 3 hours | Walking Distance: 3.6 km / 2.2 miles |
Tour runs: TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY | Starting Time: 10 AM (Wed & Sat also at 2 PM) |
Meeting point: Klarov, in front of the Malostranska metro exit - Address: Klarov, Praha, Czech Republic, look for a RED umbrella with big white "100" written on it, meeting time is 9:50 a.m.