Prague Visitor Pass - Is It Worth It?

Prague Visitor Pass is a physical or an electronic card that provides an entrance to 50+ attractions in Prague as well as a public transport ticket for 2,3, or 5 days. Is it a good deal?


How much does Prague Visitor Pass cost?

A 2-day pass costs 1,800 crowns / 72 EUR, 3-day pass costs 2,450 crowns / 99 EUR, and the 5-day pass is 3,600 crowns / 145 EUR. These are the prices for adult tickets, but there are discounts for students and kids available. All three types of passes include single entrances to more than 50 Prague sights and public transport tickets. Nevertheless, the price for Prague Visitor Pass is quite high, so let’s find out if it’s worth it.

Is Prague Visitor Pass Going To Help You Save Money?

At first glance, Prague Visitor Pass seems to be a great deal because it covers admission fees to dozens of attractions. Despite that, it seems unlikely that you will be able to visit most of them.

Prague Visitor Pass website promotes a 3-day travel pass the most and provides an optional itinerary. We went through this itinerary in great detail in our video and concluded that in order for you to make it to all sights listed there, you need to be nothing short of a superhero. Some attractions this pass covers, such as Prague Zoo, Jewish Museum, Prague Castle, and Vysehrad, need at least half a day for a proper visit. I would even argue that you should spend the whole day in Prague Zoo or in Prague Castle, but I understand that not everyone has time for this. Nevertheless, the Prague Visitor Pass website made it seem like you will not only be able to visit all of them in 3 days, but you will also have no problem covering more than 4 sights each day! You could do that in theory, but I guarantee you will be exhausted and possibly dissatisfied with the minimal amount of time you would dedicate to visiting each attraction.

If you would take their itinerary realistically, you will have to remove at least one stop from each day, but still expect to spend your whole vacation in Prague on your feet. Additionally, excluding attractions from their itinerary reduced the money you could save on tickets. As we have counted in our video, instead of 1,800 crowns they stated you will be saving on a 3-day travel pass, you might save 680 crowns altogether. It is still a pretty good deal, in my opinion.


Important Tip for Prague Visitor Pass

If you want Prague Visitor Pass to pay off, you have to visit more expensive attractions on the list. Here is the list of these attractions with the full-price adult tickets.

  • Prague Castle - 250 CZK
  • Prague Venice Boat Ride - 440 CZK
  • Jewish Museum - 500 CZK
  • Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall - 250 CZK
  • Municipal House - 290 CZK
  • Zoo - 250 CZK
  • Karel Zeman Museum - 250 CZK
  • Lobkowicz Palace - 290 CZK
  • Railway Kingdom - 250 CZK
  • Tv Tower - 250 CZK
  • Tourist Tram - 250 CZK
  • Museum of Decorative Arts - 250 CZK
  • Walking Tour - 450 CZK

If you are not interested in doing at least 9 things from this list, you do not have to get the pass. Yes, there are many more attractions that the Prague Visitor pass covers, but the admission fees are much cheaper there.


What Is NOT Included in Prague Visitor Pass?

  • National Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Tour of the National Theatre
  • entrances to specific churches and monasteries, such as Emaus Monastery


Why You Should Get Prague Visitor Pass?

You should get Prague Visitor Pass if you want to tick off as many museums, exhibitions, and paid attractions from your bucket list. If you like to keep yourself busy on your vacation with a lot of walking and visiting museums, Prague Visitor Pass is a must.

You should also get Prague Visitor Pass if enjoy the convenience of having all entrance and public transport tickets on one card, and you do not mind paying extra for that.


Why You Should NOT Get Prague Visitor Pass?

If you are on a budget, Prague Visitor Pass will not help you to save money, as you will probably end up paying for attractions you will not have time to visit.

Also, if you prefer a relaxing vacation with lots of time to walk around, enjoy the atmosphere of Prague, shop, and go to cafes and restaurants, you will not have time for this with Prague Visitor Pass. As I’ve mentioned above, in order for the pass to pay off, you will need to visit most of the expensive sights which will take up all of your time.


Where can you buy Prague Visitor Pass?

You can buy Prague Visitor Pass at any Tourist Information Centre. They are located in Prague Airport, in the Old Town Hall, and near Wenceslas Square on Na Mustku street.

You can also purchase it on the official website of Prague Visitor Pass.

Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.

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