Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is one of the most beautiful towns in Czech Republic. The most famous sights in Kutna Hora are the Bone Chapel in Sedlec Monastery and the medieval historical centre where you can find the Cathedral of St. Barbora, St. James Church and the silver mines. Kutna Hora is perfect for one-day-trip out of Prague, since it is just 50 min away by train.

Kutna Hora’s History

According to the legend, Kutna Hora's history dates back to the 13th century when a monk found a silver rod sticking out of the ground. Ecstatic, he undressed his habit, covered the rod with it and ran back to the Monastery to announce his discovery. Soon, miners from Bohemia and what today we know as Germany started to arrive and built a mining settlement here and they named it Kutna - Monks habit, Hora - mountain.

Who could have back then expect that this mining settlement will produce at it's peak, over 30 percent of European silver. And Kutna Hora will be one of the richest European towns. Today UNESCO World heritage organisation protects Kutna Hora. We also went to visit Kutna Hora in our video!

Is Kutna Hora worth visiting?

Searching for a great Day Trip destination in the Czech Republic? Kutna Hora is a perfect option for you! This ancient silver mining town has a lot to explore - stunning Gothic St Barbara Cathedral, great views over the medieval town, quaint streets, and the world famous church of bones - Sedlec Ossuary. No wonder Kutna Hora is on the UNESCO World Heritage List! 

What is there to do in Kutna Hora?

Bone Chapel - It is located in the Monastery called Sedlec and it is its biggest attraction nowaday. Inside of the small church of All Saints you can find remains of about 70 000 people, that are made into pyramids, a chandelier, chalices and other shapes.

Sedlec Cathedral -located near the Sedlec Ossuary, it is an unfairly overlooked place by tourists. This cathedral has a very unique interior design - Gothic Baroque- which you won't find anywhere else in Europe. Unfortunately, some ill-informed influencers have spread a bad word about it, so we are trying to redeem this place in the eyes of people. Check out their website to find out more!

Cathedral of St. Barbora - Unlike most gothic cathedrals, Cathedral of St. Barbora is standing right on the edge of the forest. It is due to the fact that because of the silver mining the ground in the centre was not stable enough to hold such a big structure. This cathedral is absolutely beautiful inside. We went there for our video about Kutna Hora, so check it out and see for yourself.

Jesuit Academy - Nowadays this baroque building is a museum of Modern Art.

“Charles Bridge” of Kutna Hora - Yes, many people find a similarity between a famous Prague Bridge and tuna Hora’s beautiful promenade thanks to baroque statues. You have to see it!

Little Castle - this former gothic residents provides the tours to the underground mines nowadays. Book in advance on their website and have one of the most memorable experiences in Kutna Hora. By the way, the lowest part of the corridors is 120 cm, and the narrowest is 40cm. Wow!

Italian Court - All of that Kutna Hora’s silver would be minted into coins in the Italian Court. They also do a tour of the interiors if you are interested.

St. James Church - It is one of the most important churches in Kutna Hora. You can also find a breathtaking view of the city right next to it.

Stone Fountain - This gothic fountain used to collect fresh water for Kutna Hora’s citizens.

Plague Column and the Gothic Stone House - these sights are next to each other. The Gothic House also has exhibitions inside.


Important Thing to Know!

After you visit the Bone Chapel, you have to take a bus to the historical city centre of Kutna Hora. Don’t worry, the bus stop is just across the road from the Sedlec Cathedral and it will take you only 15 min to get to the center. You can take bus 11 and get off on the stop Na Valech, or 14 and get off on the stops Kamena Kasna or Palackeho Namesti.


Can You Visit Sedlec ossuary?

You can visit Sedlec ossuary aka "Church of Bones”, but you need to get a ticket. It costs 160 CZK, you can purchase it on the official website of Sedlec or at the cash desk on the way to the church. 


Here is what you should know before visiting Sedlec Ossuary.

  • There is an admission fee.
  • You cannot take photographs or make video recordings inside of the church.
  • You have to wear appropriate clothes that covers your shoulders.
  • No pets are allowed inside of the church or on the cemetery grounds.
  • You cannot bring food and drinks inside.
  • Large bags and motorcycle helmets are prohibited inside of the church.


Kutna Hora Restaurants

  • We highly recommend Restaurant Dačický. They have delicious Czech food (better than in a lot of restaurants in Prague, we have to say!) and amazing beer. 
  • Another nice place to grab a bite is Staročeská restaurace V Ruthardce with rustic medieval design and traditional food. 
  • Café Pension Havlicek has the best cheesecakes and coffee in town, do not miss out! 


How do you get from Prague Kutna Hora and back?

Getting to Kutna Hora from Prague is really easy! You can take a direct train from Prague’s Main Train Station ( Praha hl.n.) and get off at the stop Kutná Hora hl.n. The train ride takes one hour to get there. Here is the website of Czech Railways where you can look up your connection.


Kutná Hora hl.n. stop does not bring you right to the middle of the historical centre of the town! This stop is closer to Sedlec Ossuary aka “Church of Bones”, from there it take 10-15 min to reach the historical centre by bus. For more detail, watch our video!

Does Kutna Hora have a train station? 

Kutna Hora has a train station, but be aware that there are multiple train stops that you can get off at. The best one is Kutná Hora hl.n. There is also Kutná Hora město, but there is no direct train that would bring you there, and the walking distance to the historical centre is the same. 





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