Czech Food in Prague

The no.1 most common question Prague travelers ask us on our walking tours is: "What is a typical Czech dish?" or "Which Czech meal should I try?" Here are our top picks which we think will delight your taste buds during your Prague stay!

Where should you go? There are countless Czech Restaurants located in the historical city center so you will definitely find delicious Czech Food on every corner. If you want our personal recommendations, join one of our tours and we will share our favorites with you. But wait! There is one restaurant to mention!

We have partnered up with the U Zpevacku restaurant, which prepares all of the Czech traditional dishes for less than you'd usually pay. U Zpevacku is a nice affordable place located on neighborhood of the National Therater, 3 min away from the romantic Vltava riverbank and a stunning view of the Prague Castle. Perfect for someone who wants to get away from the busy Old Town and feel the ambiance of the city of 100 spires!

  • Czech Goulash - Notice the word „Czech“ before the word „Goulash“. Yes, Goulash originates in Hungary, where it is known as a soup-like dish with rich paprika flavor. While it is a nice meal, the Czech version of this famous dish is praised by thousands of Prague tourists. Czech goulash is a beef stew with onion and spices that comes with a side dish that locals call Knedlíky. This side dish has no analogy in other counties, so some restaurants wrongly named it "dumplings." Knedliky, though, are fluffy slices of steamed bread that meant to soak in all the goulash sauce and enhance the taste of this traditional dish. Moreover, the taste of Czech goulash can be complimented with our signature beverage, beer! And Prague locals never miss an opportunity to drink the "liquid bread." As you can see, Czech goulash is winning on all fronts.
  • Svickova… or „Cream beef Delight“ in our loose translation. On the menu, it is called Beef Tenderloin with Cranberries and Cream Sauce“. This is the smoothest food texture you can try in Prague. A personal favorite of all of us guides! Unfortunately, we can't eat too much of it, because we would have a problem moving forward on our Free Walking Tour and that's not good for tips.
  • Pork Knuckle - Are you hungry? We mean really hungry? Congratulations! You've just found your no.1 non-vegetarian food option. 1Kg of pork meat on a bone stick. What else to say? Bon Appetit and bon voyage?
  • Fried Cheese - Are you vegetarian? Let us give you a tip: don't tell that to Czech waiters. Keep it a secret and order yourself fried cheese. This is our guilty pleasure Prague delicacy. Eidam cheese wrapped in bread crumbs, fried on a pan, and served with fries and mayonnaise. Mmm, healthy! And especially good if you have a hangover!
  • Roasted Duck - Wanna keep it as healthy as possible but still eat Czech food? Go for a Roasted Duck. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside poultry meat served with mushy potato dumplings and sweet cabbage...This is a Czech gastronomical dream!

How much? Prices for Czech food should range between 6 – 12 Euro. The exception being the Pork Knuckle which can cost up to 20 Euro, depending on the restaurant's location.


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