What Is The Best Time To Travel To Prague

Prague is beautiful in any season, but when is the best time to enjoy this European jewel? In this article, we will help you decide when to book your tickets for a long-awaited trip to the Czech capital.

Least Busy Time of the Year in Prague

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with more than 7 million tourists coming here every year. However, even locals can catch a break from the hustle and bustle that crowds of travelers bring. Once the Christmas Markets in the city center close, most tourists leave until spring. So, if you want to see Prague relatively empty, book your stay starting from the second week of January until the middle of March.

Not Busy, Not Cold, Please!

Coming to Prague in January and February will require some resistance to cold temperatures. If you do not want to bundle up for your Prague trip, consider visiting in March, April, or November. Here's a trick! Check the Catholic Easter dates before booking your flight to Prague if your goal is to avoid crowds. Easter is extremely busy thanks to all the seasonal markets that open on the main city squares two weeks before Easter.

Prague for Extraverts – Bring on the Party

If you do not mind the crowds and want to take part in all the festivities, there are many occasions when you can experience the most fun in Prague.

  • Christmas and New Year – Prague is absolutely magical during this time, so if you want to feel the holiday spirit and visit the Christmas markets, December is your time to travel!
  • Easter – As we have mentioned above, Easter markets attract a lot of people to the city, so check your calendar and book your flight to the city of 100 spires! Easter markets normally open two weeks before the actual holiday; for example, in 2024, the Namesti Miru and Wenceslas Square Easter markets will open on March 16th.
  • Summer – Almost every weekend in the June-August period there are festivals and concerts in Prague. For instance, the Prague Islands music festival is held on June 20th and Prague Pride Week takes place at the beginning of August.
  • Signal Festival – The festival of light and art normally takes place in the second week of October and provides a fun opportunity to enjoy Prague after dusk.

Best Weather in Prague

We’d argue that the Czech capital is beautiful in any weather, but if you aren’t used to cold temperatures, you should travel here between May and October. July and August are the hottest months of the year, so if you want to skip the heat waves, avoid traveling to Prague at that time.

Prague for Budget Travelers

The times when Prague was a top-budget destination in Europe are long gone, but there are still ways to save money on your trip here. Predictably, the cheapest rates for accommodation in Prague are in January and February. The second best is November and March (unless Easter is scheduled for this month), followed by already not-so-cheap October and April. Besides the prices for hotels, other costs do not fluctuate throughout the year.

Best Time for Photos – Prague for Influencers

Social Media is a huge part of some people’s lives, but even if you aren’t planning to make money on Instagram or Pinterest, there are some seasons when Prague is the most picturesque. Blooming Season – When most travel bloggers head to Japan for Sakura Blossoms, you can go to Prague. Trees normally bloom in April, but sometimes even in late March. Christmas Lights – December markets are just perfect for those trying to capture the most wonderful time of the year.


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