Best Prague Sunrise Spot

Prague is beautiful in every photo, but where do find the best viewpoints to see Prague sunrise? To answer this question we first need to ask you when are you going to be traveling to Prague. In summer, the sun rises really far south and moves to the north throughout the winter season, which will affect the position of the sun on your pictures. Here are our top pics for Prague sunrise spots based on the season!


Sunrise in Prague - Summer

  • Hanau Pavilion - this viewpoint in Prague Letna park is a great option for city views all day long, but summer sunrise is exceptional from there! Hanau Pavilion overlooks 5 Prague bridges, including Charles Bridge as well as Mala Strana, Prague Castle, and Prague Old Town city quarters.
  • Prague Castle - the Southern Gardens of the Prague Castle as well as the viewpoint on its eastern entrance have a great spot for taking sunrise photos.


Sunrise in Prague - Autumn and Spring

  • Charles Bridge - if you are traveling to Prague in fall, there is a high chance of seeing beautiful misty sunrises on the Charles Bridge. Spring is also a nice time for taking a morning walk there, cause the sun does rise as early as in summer.
  • Strahov Monastery - this monastery has an amazing view pint next to the vineyards that overlook Mala Strana and a part of Prague Castle. You can take a walk down the hill or through Petrin park afterward!


Sunrise in Prague - Winter

  • Petrin Hill - this is a great sunrise point all year round, but in winter when the sun rises around 7 am you have more time to reach the top of the hill and take as many photos as you wish. Also, the crowns of the trees won't be blocking the view as much as in summer! To reach the top of the Petrin Hill fast take Prague Funicular!
  • Kinsky Garden - yes, it is technically just the south side of Petrin hill, but the views from there are totally different! You will see more of the New Town with its Dancing House and Prague 5 district from there.


Prague Sunrise Sunset Calendar

We recommend checking out Gaisma for the accurate time for sunset and sunrise. You can also visit Timeanddate if you are in Prague already and need to check on the dusk and dawn time.


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Author: Valeriia Zahradnikova and Vaclav Zahradnik, Prague guides certified by Prague City Tourism agency. Valeriia and Vaclav have worked in tourism for over 6 years and have guided thousands of Prague visitors.