Prague Castle Tour with Tickets Included

Explore the interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, and the Golden Lane on our Prague Castle Tour with Tickets. You will see where the Bohemian Kings are buried, where the coronation jewels are stored, and which window did Czech rebels throw the Habsburg administrators out of during the famous Prague Defenestration.

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Why join our Prague Castle Tour with tickets?

Over the years of guiding we have been carefully listening to our customer's feedback in order to design this tour so Prague travelers get the most out of their Prague Castle visit. We love Prague Castle! it is one of our most favorite places on this planet and we think that being a part of a tour group of 30 people being rushed through the complex without a chance to peek inside the buildings is not the way to see it.

Here are the top reasons why to join us:
  1. Our tour groups don't exceed the number of 10 people. That way we can easily fit inside the rooms of the Old Royal Palace, you won't feel like a sardine and it will be easier for you to ask your guide questions.
  2. We take it chill. (so you won't feel rushed)
  3. Our Prague Castle tour is in English only. (not bilingual)
  4. Skip the line ticket! Yes! As Prague Licensed Guides we have a priority in the ticket office and don't have to waste time standing in line (be aware though that sometimes there is a line to the St. Vitus Cathedral, which we can not skip).
  5. We are funny! Or at least we think we are :P
  6. A good rating on Tripadvisor. See for yourself!

Main Sights: ► St. Vitus Cathedral ► Old Royal palace ► St. George's basilica ► Golden lane ► Presidential Palace ► The Coronation Jewels ► The Tomb of St. Wenceslas ► The Chapel of Holy Cross ► Alchemist Laboratory ► Powder Bridge ► Prague Castle Guards ► The Defenestration Room

Price: 920 CZK / 37 EUR* | Tour Length: 3 HOURS | Starting Time: 1:15 PM | Walking Distance: 1,5 KM/ 0,9 MILES
Tour runs: EVERY DAY
Meeting point: Malostranská Metro station - Klárov 51, Praha
*For students with a valid student card, children 6 - 16 years old, and seniors older than 65 years the price is 790 CZK. Children below 6 y.o. go for free.

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Tour Meeting Point

Accessibility by Prague Public transportation

By underground: Take the green (A) metro line to the Malostranska metro station. There is only one exit. Turn left when you go up the escalators. You will see our meeting point right when you go out!

By tram: Take the tram no 22, 15, 20, 18, 2 or 12 to the Malostranska tram stop. Be sure not to confuse it with Malostranske Square (Malostranske Namesti)! When you get off you will see the entrance to the metro (look for a green sign). Our meeting point is right there!

By foot: If you are staying close to Charles Bridge it is a 5-10 min walk to the Malostranska metro station. It will take you 15-20 min to get there from the Old Town Square and you will need to cross Manes Bridge.